2017 EZ2See Calendar Price Sheet For Quantity Orders

Free shipping on Quantity Orders

 Purchase This Many Calendars Your Price per calendar   Your Price per Order
 3-9 $18.00 As appropriate
10-19 $16.50 As appropriate
1 full box of 20
(20 calendars per box)
$14.50 $290

Contact us for deeper discounts on multi-box orders.

Retail prices nationwide for the 2017 EZ2See™ Weekly Calendar/Planner ranged from $17.95 to $26.95 plus shipping and tax.

Located in Minnesota? You must provide a completed ST3 form to avoid being charged MN sales tax. The Minnesota Dept. of Revenue provides this form to eligible entities buying items for resale where the entity will collect and pay Minnesota sales tax.
No sales tax will be charged to orders outside of Minnesota.


Submit your PO or authorized email to: Orders@EZ2SeeProducts.com
Resellers located within Minnesota will be required to provide proof that you intend to collect MN State Sales Tax or you will be charged the necessary MN Sales Tax on your order.


Full boxes weigh approximately 20 lb.
Orders will be shipped to the address indicated on the Purchase Order.
Orders will be shipped promptly while supplies last.


*Payment of the total price of the order is due within 30 days of when your shipment arrives.
Make checks payable to: EZ2See™ Products.
A 3% per month late fee will be assessed.
*Available to well-established companies. Others must pay before the order will be shipped.


Let us know if you need graphic images of the cover or interior pages. Just tell us which calendar images, the desired file format type and approximate file size you want.


Write to Info@EZ2SeeProducts.com or call Edward at (507) 226-8040