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To purchase one or more 2020 calendars either with or without pens or pads, go to the calendar page by clicking here to order

While on the calendar page, select the total number of pens and pads you want, if any.  Clicking “add to Cart” will put one calendar plus any pens or pads selected, in your cart. 

Want to add additional calendars?  First, unselect any checked pens and pads.  Then, each time you click “Add More” another calendar is added to your cart.

Click “Go to Checkout” when done.

NOTE:  Visit the Pens or Pads page only to read about their features.  However, if you order either item from those pages, it will add a non-refundable $4.00 Handling Fee.

When in Checkout, you can remove items by clicking the “X” above the item’s cost. 

Interested in quantity orders? Email me at