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CAN-DO Bold No Bleed Pens

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Unlike most bold pens, these don’t bleed through the paper. Finally, you can see what you’re writing. They make a thoughtful gift.

Shipping is $4 for 1 - 4 pens if you want to buy high-contrast pen without purchasing a calendar.

Pen Features:

  • Makes a bold black line that is EZ2See
  • Ideal for those dealing with declining eyesight
  • Glides on smoothly
  • The ink dries almost instantly
  • No odor
  • The white barrel and black clip make it easier to locate
  • There is a handy clip on the removable end cap
  • Makes a thoughtful gift

Some Tips:

  • Always put the cap back on when not in use
  • If it won’t write because the cap was left off, try gently moisten the tip or stand it upright with the cap on and the tip pointing down.
  • Write with the pen more vertically for a slightly thinner line
  • Write with the pen at a low angle for a more bold line
  • Things happens, I suggest having 2 of them around
  • When the pen is used up, save the cap just in case you need it
  • If you only use it to make notes in the calendar, one pen might last a year
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