Over the years, we’ve all used sticky notes because they are handy for so many purposes.  Yet, just like weekly calendars that didn’t meet our needs, I realized that standard sticky notes lacked something that would help me and maybe others.  

What those sticky notes lacked was the same black border that works so well on my EZ2See® calendar.  So, that’s what I’ve done.  

Image of a EZ2See Sticky Note on a computer keyboard, with a pink pen along side it.

With that black border around the outside edge, these notes now stands out when on the paper and elsewhere.

Product Description

  • Each pad contains 25, 3” x 3” sheets
  • The paper color is yellow
  • They are unwrapped
  • They fit perfectly in the daily cells of the EZ2See® calendar
  • Of course, they can be used anywhere!

Here are some ways to use them with the calendar:

  • If an upcoming meeting or appointment has yet to be finalized, instead of writing it on the calendar, write it on the sticky note.  If the event moves or doesn’t happen, you haven’t wasted calendar space. No need to cover up what you wrote.
  • Need reminders of things you need to do.  As those days roll by and the tasks are accomplish, just remove the note.  Again, no space lost on the calendar.
  • Use them for list-making.  Whether, a shopping or some other list, add items until the day when you need to grab it and go.
  • The black borders make the note stand out; all the better to catch attention.

Below are more images of the pads.

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Need a Bold Black Pen That Doesn’t Bleed Through the Paper?

Then check out the CAN-Do™ black pen.  

Image of a Can Do Pen, a bold black pen with a cap. Sitting on lines that the pen drew.
  • They produce a 1.0 mil wide black line.  
  • That’s a width you can see as you’re writing.  
  • The no bleed Ink has no odor.  
  • The black cap on the white barrel makes the pen easier to find.
  • It’s good to have a couple around.

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