Posts During Our Early Phase

“The Reluctant Blogger” — added October 29, 2017
Topics: blogging, EZ2See Calendars, writing

“Every Year, I Print More EZ2See® Calendars” — added October 31, 2017
Topics: printing, EZ2See Calendars

“Thoughts on setting the price as a whole dollar rather than a few cents less” — added November 3, 2017
Topics: EZ2See Calendars, pricing

Thoughts on improving the product after producing the 2016 edition — added November 9, 2017
Topics: EZ2See Calendars, printing, product improvement

What’s in a Slogan?” — added November 12, 2017
Topics: EZ2See Calendars, slogan, visually impaired, writing

Would it help to have a video?– Added November 22, 2017
Topics: marketing, product improvement

“On Coming Up With a Counter Top Display” — added November 17, 2017
Topics: product improvement, vendors, EZ2See Calendars

On finding help with this business– added December 6, 2017
Topics: marketing, avenues

Posts Related to Interacting With the Media

On Being Selected for the BizPitch Competition” — added November 21, 2017
Topics: Bizpitch, product improvement, SBDC, EZ2See Calendars

EZ2See Products are on YouTube!— added November 18, 2017
Topics: Mark McGlinch, video, visually impaired, YouTube, EZ2See Calendars

Thank you Rochester Post Bulletin and Boomer Grandpa — added October 22, 2018
Topics: Boomer Grandpa, Healthy Living Fair, Loren Else, Post Bulletin, Rochester

My Experience with the Assistive Technology Challenge” — added December 22, 2018
Topics: Assistive Technology Challenge

My Brush with TV Fame — added October 30, 2018
Topics: KAALTV, media coverage

Posts with Tips for Dealing With Vision Loss

A Winter Walk to the Y — added December 12, 2021
Topics: winter walking with low vision, low-vision tips, exercising with low vision, blindness, vision loss, visually impaired, white cane, white cane use

One Guy’s Strategy for Dealing with Unfamiliar Public Restrooms” — added November 11, 2020
Topics: blindness, new to blindness, vision impaired, young men

Sharing Tips I’ve Learned — added December 27, 2017
Topics: assisting others, coping skills, habits, vision loss, visually impaired, EZ2See Calendars

Now where did I put that?  Breaking unconscious habits — added January 4, 2018
Topics: activities for low vision seniors, aids for low vision, assistive technologies for low vision, best calendar for seniors, best low vision aids for macular degeneration, blind, calendar for seniors citizens, elderly, seniors, unconscious habits, visually impaired

Reducing Dropping and Spilling Things— added January 2, 2018
Topics: physical challenges, spilling and dropping

Saving Face: Spatial Awareness Suggestions— added January 25, 2018
Topics: assisting others, blind, blindness and awareness, coping skills, saving face, space, spatial awareness, vision loss, visually impaired, Edward Cohen

Finding Stuff, Part 2: Knowing Your Clothes — added January 18, 2018
Topics: assisting others, coping skills, elderly, low vision closet ideas, low vision aid clothes, low vision suggestions, seniors, vision loss, visually impaired, Edward Cohen

Finding stuff, Part 1: In the Kitchen— added January 11, 2018
Topics: blind seniors using kitchen, elderly people using kitchen, finding things in the refrigerator when blind, low vision aids for the kitchen, low vision in the kitchen, visually impaired, Edward Cohen

With Spring Comes Yardwork — added December 13, 2017
Topics: yardwork, visually impaired

Consistency is Your Friend— added January 15, 2018
Topics: consistency, physical challenges

Personal Experiences and Reflections

Why I Finally Started Using a Long White Cane — added October 14, 2020
Topics: blind, blogging, coping skills, white cane, dealing with vision loss, accepting vision loss, visually impaired, Edward Cohen

When Where You Are Is Not Where You Want To Be” –– added February 1, 2018
Topics: blind, blogging, coping skills, elderly, habits, philosophy for dealing with my vision loss, seniors, vision loss, visually impaired, Edward Cohen

When I get an order through the mail— added December 20, 2017
Topics: elderly, motivated, seniors, visually impaired, EZ2See Calendars

Participating in an Accessibility Walk — added May 28, 2019
Topics: accessibility, ADA, independent living