This post deals with the common but troublesome act of dropping or spilling something.

Whether it’s hard to see what you dropped or the getting down and back up is difficult, reducing the number of times you have to do it is a plus. 

But if you’re dropping things because you’re unsteady or for similar reasons, please seek medical advice. 

To drop or spill things less often, you will need to stop and consider what you were doing both physically and mentally when it happened.  Maybe you were not fully focused on what you were doing or not using the best technique or moving too fast. I know I’ve been guilty of them all.

Your challenge will be to recognize when you’re about to repeat such actions.  Then eventually replace them with actions that might lessen the chance of it happening again.

The tips below aren’t brilliant, but perhaps you’ll find something of value and helpful. 

On Spilling 

  1. Pour over the sink where spilling won’t be a problem.
  2. Pour where the light is better.
  3. Pour into something that has a color that contrasts with what you’re pouring.
  4. Don’t over fill items you’ll be carrying.
  5. When carrying liquid or loose items, place the item in or above a larger item to catch spills.

On Dropping Things

  1. Stand over a work surface so if the item drops it won’t fall all the way to the floor.
  2. Keep the item touching the work surface as you work with it.
  3. Manipulate the item,  as close to the work surface as you can, 
  4. take a moment and fully focus on what you’re doing.
  5. Take it slower, you’re more likely to drop things when you’re moving too fast.
  6. When carrying something, hook the item to you if there is a way to put it over your finger, hand or arm.
  7. When possible, use two hands when carrying something.
  8. Improve the two hand carry by pressing your elbows against your side. It also helps keep the item level.  Yes, you might look like you’re praying, but there are worse things to look like you’re doing.

Let me know about techniques that work for you and I’ll pass them on .

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Edward Cohen is a senior, legally-blind entrepreneur. His company designs and makes products useful for daily living that help those dealing with vision decline or related challenges. In 2015, he started EZ2See® Products LLC to make a large-print, weekly-style planner. He incorporated unique features not found elsewhere, which is why it is so accessible. He continues to create and add unique low-vision products.