I came out of retirement to make this calendar, not because I needed a job, but because I needed a calendar that met my low-vision needs. I felt compelled to do this after looking all over and finding nothing that came close to doing the job. Those who saw the first version, urged me to start a business and make them available to help others.

Over the past four years, countless customers have told me about how much this calendar has helped them. They showed it to their friends, bought them for family and some even suggested to me businesses, organizations and re-sellers who might want them.  As a one-person business, I welcomed all of those suggestions.

Yet it’s clear to me now that I need help if I’m to even scratch the surface of the millions of people who might want it if they only knew about it.  Given the work load, I also can’t add the new useful EZ2See-themed products that I want to have.

To keep the calendar as affordable as possible, I’ve opted not to hire a conventional sales and marketing professional.  So, I’m formally asking for your help. If you support what I’m trying to do with this product and want to help others—or yourself—consider the following actions:

  1. If you have a calendar, simply show it to others when you take it with you to meetings, appointments, etc.  People who already love this calendar are its best promoters.
  2. If you shop, work, volunteer or visit places that serve or sell to people who might benefit from this product, speak up and show it to them. It’s almost certain that the business or organization will thank you for making them aware of it.  
  3. Use the Contact Us form if you or someone you know will be attending an appropriate event, meeting or location where you would be willing to take and share some flyers.  I will send them to you.

Although it feels good to do those things out of the goodness of your heart, what if you or your organization could help people AND make some money at the same time? This is certainly an option.

In general, there are four ways to be compensated for helping:

  1. You or your organization buys calendars at a discount and resells them at a profit.
  2. Be paid for making contact and reaching the decision-makers primarily by phone.  You’ll use a list of businesses and/or organizations custom tailored to your background, talents and interests.
  3. Earn a 15% commission every time your individual efforts result in a business or organization placing an order.
  4. Your organization receives a thank you donation  when efforts result in multiple calendars being ordered.

I take care of mailing out samples, shipping orders, invoicing buyers, collecting money and making payments.

Although previous business, sales and/or marketing experience is helpful, it isn’t critical.    I’m especially looking for people who:

  1. use this calendar or clearly see why it is so helpful,
  2. are well-organized, persistent and motivated,
  3. have reasonable computer skills and have access to the internet,
  4. are comfortable making cold calls and/or doing research.

Are you the least bit intrigued?  If so, be sure you’ve read the story of my company in the About Us page on the EZ2See.com website.  Then use the Contact Us form to drop me a line.  Put the word “Help” in the Subject line.   

If this doesn’t sound like you, but you know someone who might be interested and be a good fit, please mention this opportunity to them.

Thank you for your interest and the time you took to read this.

Edward Cohen, Owner