This page contains links to the articles, videos or audio interviews and coverage that have been done about me, the company and the calendar.  

Where appropriate, links are provided to the organizations who did the interviews.  I hope you find something entertaining or interesting.

TV & Other Video Coverage

The Blind Life Youtube Channel Promotes EZ2See® Products

The video was produced by Sam Seavey of the web site and You tube channel called, The Blind Life.  He produces many entertaining and informative videos showcasing helpful blind and low vision products.  His website is a great place to start.

Flipping Through the Calendar with Edward

In this homemade video, I walk you through the calendar section by section.  The video is not ready for an Oscar, but it does the job.
August 2017

Interviews by KAAL ABC TV

These interview links lead to two different web pages.  Each page contains the transcript of that interview and a link that launches the video.  To launch the video, click the right-pointing arrow found on the left side of the page a bit below the word EZ2SEE.

In the first interview, done in October 2018, I’m asked about my business and the calendar.

The second interview done in December 2018 focuses more on how sales are going and on plans for the future.  Patty Fletcher, owner of Tell it to the World Marketing, who is my social media manager, gives her perspective on what I’m doing and the key challenges I’m facing.  Sorry, but the TV station put a short Ad in front of the second interview that I can’t remove.

Press Coverage

EZ2See® Latest Press Release

This news release went out November 17, 2020.  It is the first time I’ve ever done such a widely distributed release.

Tech.MN Shares Longer Version of the EZ2See® Press Release

Tech.MN is a Minnesota technology news site with an emphasis on startups and entrepreneurship.  Because of my small business creation story, they kindly expanded and shared my press release.

Boomer Grandpa

My local newspaper ran this human interest story on what I’m doing.  It was written by the fellow who covers what seniors are doing in the community.
October 2018

The Rochester Post Bulletin daily newspaper serves southeast Minnesota.

Podcasts In Which I’ve Been Interviewed

The Eye on Vision, Monday Dec 14, 2020

WYPL-FM 89.3 is located in Memphis, Tennessee. It offers a show for those with visual impairment, hosted by Janet Sides. The show airs each Sunday at 11:00 AM EDT. 

You may listen to the show below, done by Vance Durbin.

Eyes on Success Episode 1937 “Starting a Small Business”

My interview is one in a very professionally produced series of Pod Casts popular with those dealing with vision loss.  The husband and wife team interviewed me and Patty Fletcher. Patty is the blind owner of the social media marketing business I use.  Hear my business’ origin story and how Patty helps me. 

Click the following link and then the OK button:
September 2019

Speaking out for the Blind

This longer interview is episode 179 by ACB Radio – Speaking Out for the Blind.
To launch the recording, press Run in the dialog box or press ALT + N and then ALT + O.
November 2018.

Speaking Out for the Blind offers many Inspiring interviews of those working with the blind and low vision community.  Subscribe to hear more shows.

Let’s Talk Low Vision

In this month’s show, I describe the calendar.  The topic of the call is good gifts for those with low-vision.  While I am the first to be interviewed. Listen longer and you’ll hear some surprising sounds.  
November 2018

Let’s Talk Low Vision is a monthly conference call in show, that anyone can join.  There is an archive of past calls dealing with issues of concern to those with low-vision.

Rainne’s Ramblings

My interview here is one of her Saturday Spotlights.  Many fascinating interviews, primarily with authors. Rainne is a lively soul who writes about books, crafts and life.  Well worth a visit.
February 2019

Kindling Friendship Interview

My interview is one in a series of many interviews on this Blog, done by a very interesting and well-traveled  woman dealing with low-vision. While she normally invites authors, I was lucky enough to get picked.  Do take time to read about her.
February 2019

Rochester Rising

I was interviewed in my first year as an entrepreneur.  It brings back memories listening to it.  I discuss the nuts and bolts of starting up my business.  
Summer 2016

Rochester Rising Interviews local small businesses in Rochester Minnesota and start-ups in the community.