Once I got the business running and somewhat under control around 2016, I started to hear encouragement to start writing a blog.   That suggestion happened after I had just shared some tip or technique I use when faced with some challenge due to my vision loss.


I thought, “Ok, maybe I should, but first, I had to find out what the heck a blog was.”   Research revealed it is basically an article with a techy sounding name.  It did get me thinking that if making low-vision products was my way to give back to my low-vision community, perhaps my writings could also do that.  I thought, “Helping people by just writing, how hard could that be?”   Boy did I find out.  Grin


They even said I could share the introspective thoughts that come to me about living with vision loss and simply just living.  To my surprise, some suggested readers might even be interested in what it is like to become an entrepreneur, start a small business and ride that learning curve roller coaster.


I found I enjoyed writing them and noticed that people continue to find and read them.  As time permits or the inspiration strikes I put out a new one.  What I’ve written are grouped into the categories below.   I hope you find something you enjoy reading and perhaps something that might help you or someone you care about.

Categories of My Blogs