EZ2See® Products Policy Statements

Accessibility Policy Statement

EZ2See® Products believes that any information in an electronic form should be available to all people regardless of their physical conditions or connection device. This website was created with that belief. If you find any part of this website inaccessible or difficult to use, please contact us.

Privacy Policy Statement

Any contact information that you provide such as your name, phone number and e-mail address by submitting a Feedback or Contact form on this website is not sold or shared with any company or organization. You will not be contacted by anyone unless you invite contact from us.

Should you volunteer a Testimonial, we may contact you and may post it. We reserve the right to edit it for length. If your Testimonial is published, we will only list your first name, the first initial of your last name and your city and state.

When you purchase a calendar through this website, I receive only your contact information, the number of calendars you bought and the amount you paid. That information is used to process your order. I retain this information for tax purposes. This information is also not sold or provided to any companies or organizations. We receive none of your credit card or PayPal information.

Our electronic files are kept behind a firewall. We use industry-leading malware software and regularly back-up files locally and to an encrypted cloud server.

Use of 3rd Parties

We may use other companies to conduct our business. They include such services as mailing or shipping calendars and other associated materials, providing e-mail and processing online purchases. Any information these companies receive is to be used strictly to provide their contracted services.


EZ2See® Products owns the copyright for all aspects and content of this website. This includes the website content, calendar cover page images and calendar design features. No copyrighted material may be downloaded and reused in any form without prior written permission from EZ2See Products.

Automatic Electronic Data Collection

Like all websites when you visit EZ2SeeProducts.com, your IP address or domain name is collected by others. For example, Google Analytics collects and then combines it all into a report. We use this information to better understand our visitors and plan our marketing. No user-identifiable personal information appears on the report.

Links We Provide to Others

The only links we may offer that leave our website goes to PayPal and the U.S. Postal Service. We have no control over their content or accessibility.