Here are testimonials from users of the EZ2See® Large-Print, Large-Space Weekly Calendar. Please offer your own by clicking here.

I do love this calendar and find it so easy to use and see. You have thought of everything by making the cover water resistant, making a place for my ID if it’s lost and monthly calendar for those wanting to see the entire month.  Plus so much space to write daily stuff.

My Rehab teacher is trying to get me to use the calendar in my phone, but I’m not too thrilled about it.  Guess I am a bit old fashion about some of this technology.   Ha!

Keep making it!

June T. Phoenix, AZ

I’ve now  bought your calendar again because my mom has MCI — Mild Cognitive Impairment —possibly on her way to Dementia.
I searched for a calendar that is as simple as possible for her to understand.
She still gets confused with dates and months, but your calendar helps her much more than any other I’ve found.
Thanks very much for making it!

Eva F.  Los Angeles CA

Thank you, EZ2See!

I have found your large print  calendar exceptional!  Best on Market.  Very large and bold print and big spaces for writing. I have referred other people to your product.

Thank you for being there for low-vision people. A product I can use.

Christine B.  Kansas City, MO

This is the second time I purchased this planner for my mother in law who has macular degeneration.  She absolutely loved the planner I gave her last year! It was easy for her to see the large bold print, it had great space for writing notes etc.

I know she will be thrilled with her gift again this year!  She says it’s The Best Gift she receives!!!

Kris L.  Rochester, MN

Thank you, E

I am visually impaired and I like having same one at work as at home….I used it last year…so on to my second year.  It is nice to have something that is the same year to year…when you are visually impaired

Mary F. Tualatin, OR

This is my husband’s second year for your calendar and pen order. LOVE THEM ALL!!

Your product is great and has given my husband his “freedom” back – he knows when his appointment are without needing to ask anyone. He loves being in control of his schedule and life.  Independence – a very good thing to keep as long as physically possible!!

Thank you again, from both myself and my husband.

Alexis S.  Port Angeles, WA

I had your calendar for 2017, and I just love it, because it’s a good size for writing thing down, plenty of space.

Thanks for coming up with this calendar.  Hope you have a good 2018.

Denise T.  Mankato, MN

I’ve purchased your planner since you’ve been selling them. I’m visually impaired, needed a very large contrasting calendar.  When I was at Retina Association’s office there was your planner. 

I love it. I hope you don’t stop making them.

Venus N.  Cleveland, Ohio

My Mom turns 100 this year.  She loves the calendar which is our third or fourth.  It functions as a short term memory assistant and a reminder of good times

Linda Z.  Mineral, VA

I received my new calendar and I love it! Due to optic nerve damage I have trouble with smaller fonts and lighter coloring. I put in the search engine for a bold print large font  weekly calendar and found you. Thank you for providing a Calendar I can easily see and read.

Donisa P. Slidell,  LA

Thank you EZ 2 See Products for creating the best weekly planner calendar “I’ve ever “found”!

I have been searching on and off for more than 20 years for a large print weekly planner that I could easily see.   Due to a hereditary eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa I deal with the challenges of low vision.

As my vision declined”, the lines, numbers and text boxes “in the calendars I found” were becoming difficult for me to see. I was so frustrated.

As a student, business owner, frequent traveler, wife and busy mom, I was more than thrilled when I discovered your calendar.  It provides the perfect place for me to recordeverything in my busy schedule.  It has made it possible for me to be completely independent and better organized which gives me peace of mind.  Honestly, it has changed my life.

I highly recommend the EZ 2 See Weekly Planner. 

Anna H.    Somerset, New Jersey 

I had the good fortune of running into your neighbor!!! What a blessing!!! She gave me your web site and the news I could find the planner at the Food Co-op.

I went and bought one. It’s amazing!

My husband’s mom has macular degeneration (bad) and is 87 yrs old, every year I do a calendar (a hang up type), a planner and update an enlarged “phone list” for her.

The planners which say they are “large print” are a little larger but definitely DO NOT meet the needs of a visually impaired person. Your planner is LARGE DARK PRINT/font and doesn’t have a lot of distracting lines!

I was so impressed I called the local office supply customer service and told them my story how their in store products did not meet my needs and shared my testimony about your product and your web site.

Thanks for your hard work! My mother in law will love her planner!!!!!!

Kris L., Rochester MN

I just got the weekly planner today and I love it! I’m in my mid-30’s and dealing with vision loss. Your planner is just the thing I was looking for to make my life a little easier. 🙂

The calendar pages are very easy to see and give me plenty of room to write. I like that it has a spiral spine so I can lay it flat or fold it over to write.

It is a terrific weekly planner and I am very happy with it. I will be a customer for life.

Paul S., Pewaukee, WI

Using a paper calendar gives me peace of mind, because appointments can disappear off of electronic calendars.  I have full vision and could use other calendars, but I like that this one gives me plenty of room to cross out and rewrite when my schedule changes, with no lines in the way.  Very easy to use.

Tina L., Rochester, MN

I love the calendar! The large amount of space is what sold me. It has been handy managing my busy schedule. I work with seniors and plan to buy another one so I can show it to those who would benefit from having one.   It’s handy now that I found out it can be picked up at some stores here in town.

Thank you for creating it.

Angela C., Rochester MN

I use to have a huge monthly wall calendar. It was hard to write on and stayed at home. I did have a smaller calendar, but I had to put it under the CCTV to see it. It didn’t have nearly as much space as this one. I write big, so I need more space. I now finally have a calendar that I can just pick up and see. I’m very pleased with it.

Virginia M., Rochester, MN

I bought and used the 2019 calendar and I love it.  Great layout, enough space to write.  So I am a repeat buyer.  This year I bout two – one for my personal life and one for my Low Vision work and volunteer notes.

Many of the Large Print, Low Vision products that are out there being sold are really not well designed.  Generally they do not have enough space to write,  Anyway, glad you saw the need and designed a really useful weekly planner calendar.


Sandy N. Reston, VA

I purchased your calendar for my Mother.  She is 98 years old and has macular degeneration.

I bought her one of your calendars last year but this year could not remember where I purchased it, so got her a similar one  ( I thought) for Christmas.  She told me to take the one I got her back that there was not enough room for her to write in the boxes and she wanted the exact thing she had last year from EZ2See

Janet A.  Naples, FL

 Before I found this calendar, I was using a large monthly calendar. It wasn’t something I could take out of the house.

I like how much more space there is to write in. I like the size of the words and numbers. I can now use a bolder pen and write bigger. I can now see and keep my own schedule without help. I plan to buy a new one next year.

Bob R., Rochester, MN

I showed the website to my husband, and he immediately said order one.  He sees very well but liked the way the calendar was simple to read and use. The website is easy to use and I particularly liked that I could pay with PayPal.

Linda C., Springfield MO

I don’t have a vision problem.  I bought this calendar as soon as I saw it. I was keeping track of several things besides my schedule in several places.  But With all its space, I really like being able to finally keep everything in one place.

Lyle A., Rochester MN

I work as a rehabilitation teacher and offer the calendar as part of the classes I teach for seniors. Most of them say they have difficulty keeping track of their appointments because they don’t have a calendar that works for them.  So they love this large print calendar because of all of the room to write big in.

Jan B., Rochester MN