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Helpful Things I’ve Learned for Dealing with Vision Loss

Reducing Spilling Things

This post deals with the common, but troublesome act of spilling something, usually a liquid. It can happen when transferring, carrying or reaching for an item. When it happens at home, at a minimum it is a nuisance and cleaning it up can be frustrating and a waste of time. But depending on what you […]

Reducing Dropping Things

This post deals with the common, but troublesome act of dropping things. For all kinds of reasons, it is just plain annoying when you drop something. The task you were performing now is on hold while you waste time finding the dropped item. Spotting it on the floor can be a challenge, and getting down […]

Consistency is Your Friend

As I’ve said in past Blog Posts, recognizing and then phasing out long-held habits that no longer help you anymore and forming and practicing new helpful ones that do, can reduce stress and make your life a little easier.   Many of my other Blog Posts deal with how to reduce losing things and then finding […]

Saving Face: Spatial Awareness Suggestions

By saving face I don’t mean avoiding embarrassment, but it could mean that too.  I’m really talking about actually avoiding running your head or face into things while moving about your place.  Why in the world would this happen? If you are someone who moves with ramrod straight posture, you can skip this blog post. […]

Finding Stuff, Part 2: Knowing Your Clothes

Finding stuff and then knowing what it is Here are some tips to consider when poor eyesight impacts identifying your clothing items. What ever you do, it has to work for you.  Too many rules and it might not work over the long term.  You know yourself.  Find the right balance of simplicity and complexity […]

Finding stuff, Part 1: In the Kitchen

Finding stuff and then knowing what it is If your eyesight no longer gives you the information you need about the world around you, it’s time to pay more attention to other senses.   The sense of touch is the sense most used by low-vision and blind people to learn about the world around them.  Below […]

Sharing Tips I’ve Learned

Occasionally I’m invited to share lessons I’ve learned as I deal with vision loss and show some of the devices I find helpful.  At more than one, I’m encouraged to put this information on to the internet.  So here goes. The first thing you need to know is that every state has a program specifically […]

With Spring Comes Yardwork

I don’t know about you, but when working in the yard I often can’t find the rake or other long-handled tool I had just set down.  This happens even when I consciously place it where I think I’ll find it.  It occurred to me that, just as a lack of contrast makes it hard to […]

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