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Edward Cohen is a senior, legally-blind entrepreneur. His company designs and makes products useful for daily living that help those dealing with vision decline or related challenges.

In 2015, he started EZ2See® Products LLC to make a large-print, weekly-style planner. He incorporated unique features not found elsewhere, which is why it is so accessible. He continues to create and add unique low-vision products.

Reducing Spilling Things

This post deals with the common, but troublesome act of spilling something, usually a liquid. It can happen when transferring, carrying or reaching for an item. When it happens at home, at a minimum it is a nuisance and cleaning it up can be frustrating and a waste of time. But depending on what you […]

Reducing Dropping Things

This post deals with the common, but troublesome act of dropping things. For all kinds of reasons, it is just plain annoying when you drop something. The task you were performing now is on hold while you waste time finding the dropped item. Spotting it on the floor can be a challenge, and getting down […]

On The Loss of a Golden Friend

“Make new friends, but keep the old. The new ones are silver and the old ones are gold.” While my mom didn’t invent the phrase, I’d often heard her saying it.  I lost an old friend in May 2021. I began writing parts of this shortly thereafter. It was my way of dealing with the sad, empty […]

An Unusual Day

This blog post was written in the summer of 2019.  Most days find me on the computer.  Much of that time seems spent on my calendar business related activities. But here is what made one day so very unusual and fun. I hadn’t turned on the computer all morning due to many household chores. That […]

Who are the Bravest Among us?

I’m not talking about first responders or those who willingly perform death-defying feats. Their bravery can clearly be seen. I’m talking about people who, on a daily basis, do what most people say they could never do. I’m talking about the blind, the deaf, people in wheelchairs or those with cognitive, or other challenging conditions, or even […]

A Winter Walk to the Y

Living where such things happen, yesterday, we received 10 inches of snow.  Now today, it is sunny with a clear blue sky.  If you live with low vision as I do, you have a love/hate relationship with bright sunny days.  Maybe you are even more ambivalent if you have to deal with what we up […]

Why I Finally Started Using a Long White Cane

Long before I decided to begin using a long white cane, I recognized that my eyesight was declining and impacting many aspects of my life. Among other things, my condition, RP, steals the light-gathering cells in your retina.  Meaning, where others could easily see to navigate, either inside or out, I struggled.   As it worsened, […]

Consistency is Your Friend

As I’ve said in past Blog Posts, recognizing and then phasing out long-held habits that no longer help you anymore and forming and practicing new helpful ones that do, can reduce stress and make your life a little easier.   Many of my other Blog Posts deal with how to reduce losing things and then finding […]

My Brush with TV Fame

I hope this blog inspires you to expand and share news with your network. I served on a volunteer commission for some years and met many interesting people.  I particularly hit it off with a few of them.     One fellow was particularly intrigued when he learned of my calendar business.  When I moaned and groaned […]

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