The EZ2See® pen is filled with black ink that won’t bleed through paper. It leaves a line similar to a ball-point pen or slightly bolder. It works well for anyone with little or no vision challenges. It makes a thoughtful gift. They come 6 to a package or can be purchased individually.

Product Features

The EZ2See No-Bleed Pen. The pen has a white barrel and black cap.

Single: $2.00
Package of 6: $10.99

  • A comfortable barrel thickness for all sizes of hands
  • The Pen version works well for anyone with little or no vision challenges
  • The ink glides on smoothly and dries almost instantly with no odor
  • The two versions have different barrel and cap colors making them easy to tell apart
  • The cap has a “no-roll” bump so the pen won’t roll away

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Some Pen Tips

  • Always put the cap back on when not in use
  • If it won’t write because the cap was left off, try these ideas:
    • gently moisten the tip and try writing, or
    • stand it upright with the cap on and the tip pointing down
  • for a slightly thinner line hold it more vertically
  • For a more bold line hold it at a lower angle
  • To print more boldly straight lines and numbers, stroke the entire line again
  • To print more boldly curving letters and numbers, stroke them again, but one segment at a time
  • When the pen is used up, save the cap just in case you need it