Note: This text was edited for the web and contains additional information beyond what is found in the version in the book.

The Organizer Book for the 21st Century

The EZ2See® Organizer and Address Book won’t get so marked up as to be useless. That’s because it is designed with unique features not found in any similar product.

What Those Features Are and What They Let You Do:

  • Its unique binding method permits easy page movement
  • A to Z alphabetical tabs let you keep things organized
  • Space-saving 8.5” by 5.5 physical size
  • Each page, labeled for contacts, gets both sides of an entire sheet
  • Have family and friend’s birthdays, anniversaries  and other unchanging dates organized and in one place
  • A method to keep often forgotten information, limited only by your imagination, that will reduce stress in your life
  • A place to keep important phone numbers in one place
  • Large all-black fonts for easier reading
  • Black edges end writing off the paper

Introducing the Book’s Parts

The Inside Front Cover

A place to list your contact information should the book be lost and found and room to list an optional emergency contact.

The Page for Important Local Numbers

On it, write down and have at your fingertips:

  • The police non-emergency number
  • Local utilities and others who provide you with services
  • Consider using the reverse side for your medical-related service providers

The National Emergency Hotline Number Page

While you hope you never need them, now you have them plus space on the reverse side for other hotline or customer service numbers you use

This website is a directory of customer service toll-free numbers.  It is not maintained by EZ2See Products LLC, but you may find something there of value. 

What Makes it a Superior Address Book

The front and reverse sides of the 60 pages used to manage your contacts equals one side of a full sheet of paper.  With that amount of space you could list such details as:

  • For a business:  contacts and past working history
  • For others: The names of all living at that address
  • All their phone numbers and email addresses
  • Their time zone and the best times to call
  • Driving directions to them
  • Their favorite foods or restaurants
  • Know if you exchanged holiday cards
  • How you know them
  • Or anything else you wish

The Value of Those Included Tabbed Index Sheets

Use the twelve A to Z tabbed index sheets to keep everything organized and the included, 2-unlabeled tabs to organize other types of information you are saving.

The January to December Pages

No more learning you missed someone’s birthday, anniversary or the date of the passing of a loved one.

It is easy to miss them when those dates are saved all over the place.  Now you have a way to solve that problem. 

Each time you come across those sorts of dates, copy them here.  On the appropriate monthly page, list their name, date, year and the occasion.  In time, they will all be neatly organized.

How to Safely Move Pages

To Remove:  Grasp the corner of the page closest to the disc and gently lift up around each disc.

To Insert:  Line up the paper with the paper below and with the discs.  Then move from one end to the other as you press down on both side of each disc.  You may hear a soft click as the paper snaps around each disc.

Limit how many pages you move at a time.

Now Discover the Book’s Secret Helpful Power

In our lives, there are so many things we’d like to remember; but who can remember them all?  Like a remote hard drive, this book gives you a way to remember and manage them.   Here’s how:

Start by selecting one of the provided, unlabeled, lined pages or flip over and use the unlabeled side of a Contact page.  Next, write an appropriate page heading for the information you will be adding to it.  Once it is added, file it alphabetically.  Don’t be surprised if you later add more to that page.

To fire your imagination, here’s a starter list of possible things in your life this book could be used to manage.

  • Appliance-related:  models and serial numbers, descriptions of replaceable filters and how-to instructions
  • Bicycle serial numbers and tire pressures
  • Car info:  license and VIN numbers, wiper blade model name
  • Locks: numerical combinations and where spare keys are kept
  • Website user names and passwords
  • Who did I loan that to?:  books, tools, etc.
  • Who did I borrow it from?:  books, tools, etc.
  • Where did I put it?:  recording the location of rarely needed items will save  you much time and stress when you finally need to find them

The Inside Rear Cover is a Dri-erase Board

Use it when you need to jot down a quick number.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Consider adding an EZ2See® pen holder to keep a pen close by.
  • Use pens that won’t bleed through paper.  EZ2See® offers two types—normal and bold.
  • Need more Contact or Lined pages?  Order a Refill pack.

Reach the EZ2See® products distributor at or call 800-234-8291.

Thank you for reviewing this product.