The EZ2See® large print weekly calendar is designed for anyone who needs large, high-contrast print and/or an extra-large amount of writing space. It’s large, high-contrast, bold design makes it ideal for those with declining vision or those who require additional space.

Product Features

Front cover of the 2025 EZ2See® Calendar.


  • 8.5″ x 11” pages on heavy-weight paper
  • Runs from first week of Dec 2024 to mid Jan 2026
  • Laminated covers for moisture-resistance and durability
  • High contrast black fonts more than 10 times larger than newsprint
  • Huge daily “cells” each nearly equal to two 3” x 5” cards
  • Black page edges – no more writing off the paper
  • Four wide, bold-lined pages at the end for your notes
  • Black spiral bound so you can fold it in half and lay it flat
  • About as thick as a standard wooden pencil

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User suggestions

  • Sharpies will bleed through any paper; don’t use them on this calendar.  Only use no-bleed markers such as our pens and our bold markers.
  • In other planners, you write items from left to right with morning events at the top and later events below. Now consider entering them vertically with morning items to the left and later events to the right.
  • When you need to, but can’t erase an event, cover it up with one of those peel-off white labels.
  • Put a binder clip on the top to quickly open to the current week page.