I hope this blog inspires you to expand and share news with your network.

I served on a volunteer commission for some years and met many interesting people.  I particularly hit it off with a few of them.    

One fellow was particularly intrigued when he learned of my calendar business.  When I moaned and groaned about the difficulty I was having getting media coverage, he mentioned that his wife worked at the local TV station.  See where I’m going with this? Grin.

He kindly agreed, with no guarantees, that he’d mention me to her.  Fast forward about 3 months. One afternoon I got a call from a producer at his wife’s station.  He asked if I’d be available tomorrow for an interview in my home. After a quick check of my calendar, we set a time and I provided my address.  He told me the name of the woman who would be doing the interview.

Early the next afternoon, a young woman with a tv camera and tripod on her shoulder arrived.  We chatted as she looked around and suggested I sit in a comfy chair in the family room. Her kind demeaner and genuine interest in my effort put me at ease.  For the next 40 minutes, as she stood beside the camera, I responded to her wide-ranging questions. The experience came to feel like speaking to an interested friend. 

When we thought we’d about covered everything, she said it would be on today’s 6:00pm and 9:00pm news.  Sure enough, there it was. Of course, it had been edited down to a few minutes, yet it retained much of what I hoped would be there.

While the pieces were only viewed by those in that station’s viewing area, many friends and acquaintances remarked that they saw it.  I can only hope that perhaps someone who would benefit learned of it as a result.   

So, never doubt the value of both expanding your network and sharing with them what you’re doing.

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