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I’m so pleased that Loren Else, the man behind the Boomer Grandpa column, featured me in one of his articles in our local newspaper, the Rochester Post Bulletin.

Karen noticed in the paper an upcoming Saturday event at the Civic Center called the Healthy Living Fair.  We stopped in that Saturday after hitting the Farmer’s Market. Apples and spinach were in my backpack.

When Karen and I walked in, she pointed out that our newspaper had a booth.  Believing that local newspapers are very important, we have subscribed since moving to town.

Loren Else, writer of the Boomer Grandpa column

I said, “Let’s step over”.  Loren Else, who writes the Boomer Grandpa column, was staffing and talking to people.  Never known for being bashful, when he was free I confirmed that he was the person who wrote about what some boomers were doing in our community.  When he confirmed that was indeed him, I pulled out a copy of my calendar. I intentionally took one, just in case such an opportunity might present itself.  

Loren looked at the calendar and asked a few questions.  I could tell he had a keen ear for possible stories. After a couple of minutes, he asked for my card and said he’d be in touch.  It sounded promising, but I’ve heard such words from others before that led nowhere.

What a pleasant surprise when he called a couple of days later to arrange a chance to talk.  Two days later we were sitting across from each other with coffee between us. We talked for almost an hour and a half with his little recorder running the whole time.  

He asked all sorts of questions about my early years, my many career paths and much about how the EZ2See® Weekly Planner/Calendar came to be. And throughout the time, I got to learn a bit about his interesting life as well.  The following week, the article came out. How fun it was when I heard from those who know me. Hopefully, it makes someone who it might help aware of the product.

You can read the article here, in the Post Bulletin

Image of Edward, owner of EZ2See

Edward Cohen is the creator of the EZ2See® weekly planner/calendar.

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