When Where You Are Is Not Where You Want To Be  

This Blog Post is quite different than my other ones.  This one came to me over time and seemed worth sharing.  I’m trying to put into words a philosophy for dealing with my vision-loss. It’s an attitude I’m trying to live by.   Perhaps it will strike a chord with you.

Here’s how this thought came to me.    

I have more trouble seeing now than I did about a year ago.  I have a couple of routes that I can walk to get to the store, the coffee shop and downtown.  One is more shaded by trees than the other, so when it’s hot I take the more shaded route.  While the coolness is nice, it is also darker.  A year ago, I could make out the curves in the sidewalk and paths where the shade was deepest.  

However, this year I realized that I no longer could see the curves in the sidewalk in those spots.    It was disheartening to face the reality that my eyesight had declined so much so fast.   I stood there soaking in what this meant.   After a bit, with no visual clues, my handy long white cane found and kept me on the path to slowly get past this section and back on my way.  

Over time, I started to try and see beyond the overly dark section.  If I could make out where it picked up, I’d aim for that.  Combining confidence using my cane, some eyesight and this method, I’d get through these spots without delay, moving at my normal pace.

It was on one of those walks that it dawned on me that such a practice could be an allegory for the way one lives their life.  There will be times in our lives when we may feel lost, getting nowhere or unhappy with our current situation.    

But if you have a big goal or a series of smaller goals, you have that spot in the path ahead to aim for.  If you don’t have such goals or if they are vague, work on them.   Having such goals comes in handy when where you are now is not where you want to be.

So far, it’s working for me.

Image of Edward, owner of EZ2SeeEdward Cohen is the creator of the EZ2See® weekly planner/calendar.